March 23rd, 2009


Spring Garden Show

Took Herself, as planned, and we did enjoy ourselves immensely. Of course, this is not difficult when one brings a gardener to a garden show.

Still, the opportunity for photographs is always there, and quite a few got taken. During and after we'd made the rounds of the booths, because after the booths we wandered through a part of the botanical garden photographing Spring. Yes, I'll post, but later, sorry. Probably later today or early tomorrow, because today has morning plans. Still...

Plus, some purchases. Hardly any plants this year which surprised me. We found at one booth mega-spools of machine embroidery thread for 50 cents (US), this particular booth is a regular here. The to fellows running it could be called antique dealers, for an easy referent. The things they've found, they're usually old. Herself also picked up a sugar mold in good condition from them, and I picked up a hand. *G* That will show up in future work. It's a ceramic hand mold for making dipped rubber gloves. The mold is dipped in liquid rubber until the glove is built up, then it's peeled off the mold.

Heh. Popper says he wants to help me make one picture, holding a conversation with a not particularly talkative alien, 'Talk To the Hand.'

Some signs for gifts and about the house, and some photographs by a local nature photographer included in the haul. Plus information garnered from some folk in the area, we've driven past their place on the way to and from Ocala regularly. They've plans to expand their bit of property into an artists cooperative, and are looking for participants.

Home for evening rounds, and Sloppy Goats for dinner. Yum.

This morning, Sydney SubaruOutback goes to the GrowlieBeast Vet (trademark bordercolliebrs for the reference). We'll be leaving fairly soon. I expect Houdini and his Bros will simply assume I'm departing late for work. Imagine their surprise and joy when Herself brings me home again.