March 28th, 2009


Is Nuptials Day

No, not for Self.

Hippie Nu P-tiles, zompus and paparatti!

Make an honest man of him now. *G*

I did today watch the remake of 3:10 to Yuma with Mr. Russell Crowe and Mr. Christian Bale. Not to mention Mr. Alan Tudyk and Mr. Peter Fonda. These are simply the faces I recognise without a lot of thought. Now, I think excellent performances are delivered by all involved. And I'm still, personally, partial to the 1957 release with Mr. Glenn Ford and Mr. Van Heflin. Not to be mis-taken, I enjoyed both a great deal, and I'm even rather pleased to see a fairly faithful re-write of the most significant scenes.

Dinner this evening with friends. I'm providing the carne. We shall enjoy Sloppy Goats. Sort of like Sloppy Joes. Only Goats.