April 3rd, 2009


Alive and Well in Cyberland

Definitely know I'm done with that Staycation; just look over the week. I keep thinking about things to post and don't get to it. Ya, work. Things like what Herself and I did on that day-trip to Cedar Key, nice little place right on the coast. Herself told me on the drive home she thought it was bigger. And had beaches. Come to learn that day-trip is the first time she'd been to Cedar Key. O_o? No, it's a wee place. If one lives there, one either is commercial fishing in some capacity or hospitality industry in some capacity. Considering the number of For Sale signs we saw on houses, both industries are hurting.

And photos. Photos from the Pity Party, the Spring Garden Festival, and that day-trip. I've worked on this to some extent, and definitely on the cataloging. Partly that is due to needing to free up hard drive space. So I've been cataloging, and making sure about backups, and clearing big files off the internal hard drive. Not a lot of editing, though. I've been enjoying the work one of my Must Reads does on a daily basis. Post at least one photo, daily. Respecting the discipline that takes, you know, and that even if what I'd do is post one photo from either day-trip a day. Eh.

Sort of, I'm working on setting my own attitude here. Choose to look on the positive. Don't get sucked into the same attitude/mood which prevailed just before the time off.

And I still come back to yes, I've got a count down going.