April 19th, 2009



Quiet day on teh Ranch yesterday, which is as it should be. Sending out good vibes for the friends and contacts underneath yesterday's torrential rains. We've been there.

At any rate, Smudge & Houdini & I went and fed Cows & Horses in the morning. I've this feeling I've already mentioned that, oh well. Bit of help with the Goats and Hogs, and everybody back to their spots while feeding the DirtyYardBirds. Collected a few eggs. Watered several, and counted up functioning water jugs. Plastic, and several are retired because they no longer hold water. I've got an inkling for using a couple in Studio, the others need to be recycled. And I needed to decide if replacement bases are needed. They are, not vitally, can wait until the week.

After watering Squrrl and I loaded up in Sydney Subaru for a brief jaunt and I know I've written about this already. Tough. That's how quiet the weekend has been so far. Got back, ate lunch (meatloaf sandwich mmmmmm), then did some bits of things about the house. Things like folding laundry, sweeping floors. After that, felt soooo drained I actually took a nap. Something which Madame Queen Mean Ole Mary Kitteh greatly approved of, naps in the afternoon.

She's in my lap now, in fact. This is a good sign. I've meditated over the past few months how well she settled into her move, being a fairly old cat. Back when Herself brought her from the parental units homestead, she already claimed being a fairly old cat, two almost three years back.

It occurred to me there is a great similarity in the setup between here and there. First off, by that point while the children did come by to visit, only the parents-in-law actually lived there any longer. So, in the rather anthropomorphised manner of our thinking her thinking, only the two monkeys, the he-monkey and the she-monkey. Also, for most of her life the In-laws owned the two houses, always with the intention that the smaller of the two, the lake house would be the retirement abode. These two houses were in easy walking distance from each other even if one walked along the road rather than along the power company right-of-way. The latter walk was even shorter.

Mary Kitteh then was quite happy to wander between both abodes, and considered them part of her domain.

Studio 318 is somewhat closer to Big House than those two domiciles were, but this is offset by the addition of Herself's Sewing Studio, Carmenetta's Cottage. Which is also about the same distance from Big House as Studio, in another direction. Madame Queen therefor added a palace to her inventory. And additional subjects, in the guise of Cows, DirtyYardBirds, Goats, Hogs, and Horses. There have always been Dogs. One simply tolerates them.

She gets a bit concerned when one or the other of us depart for these weekend or longer trips. Understandable, as in the previous Domain both the monkeys disappeared and never returned. Well, they didn't quite exactly disappear, as both died at home. As time progressed, though, she's gotten calmer about this, since after all one monkey servant or the other is still present, meals continue uninterrupted, and there are bedwarmers for the evenings and for naps.

This has, in fact, probably been my most important function this weekend, at least from Mary's point of view.
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