May 6th, 2009




Made it to the meeting, and it proved interesting.

What? You want more?

The group meets once a month, alternating their meetings between a workshop and a business meeting/print contest. I'm not sure what print contest means, exactly, as yesterday was the workshop. A local who specialises in portraiture presented on 'headshots' (which is what portraiture seems to be these days). Another member also brought in a lighting setup, thus with the presenter's there were two. Following the presentation, two models sat for members to practice what they'd just learned. Since I neither knew the workshop to be scheduled, nor the subject, nor am a member yet I did not bring a camera. So I didn't photograph the models.

I suppose it is not entirely accurate to say I didn't bring a camera, since the Treo PsortaSmartPhone is a camera as well. So I did photograph the two different lighting setups, comparing their similarity and differences. The backdrop the pro used I liked for the purpose; a fairly benign mottled grey-white. The other fellows was way too busy. Both setups used electronic flash, with modeling lights. I've mostly used 'hot lights' so far, incandescent lamps rather than flash. Not exclusively, though my flash setup isn't in that league.

Left before things totally wrapped there, as since I didn't have a camera, wasn't taking photos, and everyone was nattering away with folk they knew and comparing their shots.

Such is the evening of yesterday, and I've survived another Meeting Marathon Wednesday at Hospital.
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