May 9th, 2009


Why I Didn't Post A Photo Today

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Now I’m doing laundry. Later, well, we’re planning on souvlaki for dinner. Goat. Yes. It’s a good thing I’ve opted for laundry today, because the laundry mat will be closed tomorrow for Mothers Day. I opted for today because tomorrow I plan on taking Herself over to Waldo, where there is someone she wants to see at the flea market who makes parts for our low-end tarp pavilions. We use those for temporary shelter (primarily shade, some rain protection) for the younger goats in their respective temporary pens.

They’re temporary so we can move the pens about, giving the grass a chance to recover. Making the most of the limited area we’ve got, and while our limited area sounds like a lot to folk living in city, it requires the attention we give it to make the Ranch a working place.