July 3rd, 2009

Houdini & I

Morning On teh Ranch

Sold a goat this morning. He will be the center attraction at an Independence Day party.

Along with that, put a collar on another young buckling. Herself purchases these collars periodically; they're dog collars. We use them to mark the goats we are not going to sell, generally young bucklings who will grow up to replace the breeder bucks in the herd. This morning the collar went onto Shiners, one of our group of six who used the Bucket'o'Nipples. Got his name because the dark brown markings around his eyes make him appear to have two black eyes. Took the collar quite calmly. Bit part of this is we did feed him as a kid; all the 'bottle babies' become quite people-fied and any doelings who grow up from that status are easy to deal with as adults (as are the bucklings, a good reason they often become breeders). People who want to purchase goats as 'yard pets' usually get one of the bottle babies.

Shiners, as I said, took the collar well. I doubt he actually thought this, but enjoyed the thought (as he did preen a bit in front of the other bucklings...) of him LOL-Speaking to the other youngsters there: I can haz be working blue-collar goatz.

We finished off feeding the rest of them right after, even though Herself had only been up for about a quarter hour when the customers showed up. Now I'm contemplating a Dump Run, which means Houdini may get a ride in Forrest NissanPickup. Even though it's going to be hot today, Forrest will be in motion for most of that drive. The short period we'll be stopped (off loading and dumping) won't be too bad, then in motion. And after... a game of Hose!