August 1st, 2009


Mixed Bag: Hippie Birdbaths, Meditations, Art

Well, it's a couple of Hippie Birdbaths today. In far separated portions of the world on this day (though not necessarily the same year) did forest and simplykimberly emerge upon this mortal coil. Hippie Birdbaths, you two!

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Yesterday Herself received something of an early Hippie Birdbaths present when I brought home a couple dozen of her photos, printed to 8x10 and 11x14. Now, one of the sparks for doing so is that next week is the NCFPC meeting, it's the Print Competition meeting (alternating months) and she wants to put pictures in. So do I. Now we can. There are quite a few very good ones in the batch, a few which are mildly disappointing to see printed. Slightly blurred, colours off just a tad. However, we also haven't calibrated her monitor, and actually probably aren't likely too. It's an old CRT. Getting to be time to replace it.

I expect that soon, a relative term rather than a quantitative one, I'll be rigging up to post, if not a brand new picture made that very day, at least new pictures made within the previous 7 day.

And in other news, even if not a picture posting, per se, here's one of the pieces I'm going to put into the NCFPC August Print Competition. If you're following the Pic'O'Day postings, you'll recall an earlier version of this picture on July 20. I'm not reposting it as a picture here, but as a link to it over on Deviant Art. Now it even sports a more pertinant title, eh? No Wake Zone.

And in other, other news, Houdini enjoyed a night inside Big House last night. We experienced some severe thunderstorms and so I brought him in when I got home. He's been well behaved even though, possibly despite, waking me up around 06:00 this morning. That was to go empty his bladder, so it's good.