August 2nd, 2009

Houdini & I

Relatively Uneventful Day

Yesterday, that is, proved relatively uneventful. Houdini stayed indoors on Fri. night because of the thunder storms going on. Seemed quite happy to do so, even with the noise fairly relaxed. A couple of big booms startled him, but then again one of those startled me, too. Stayed indoors last night also, even though not much in the way of thunderstorms going on. The only down side so far is that by about 06:00 he's getting very insistent about waking me up, then again since those are the times he needs to relieve himself I guess I can cope with it.

Yesterday afternoon I loaded Herself into the car and we road-tripped into Hoggetowne. Our first stop of a planned two was the Michael's, looking for pre-cut mats (despite having some already in Studio) and foam-core mounting board, as well as an oval mat-cutter and a hand-held tool. We've got a large board-mounted mat cutter inherited from Mother Mary. However, that needs to be installed on a workbench/board. Which hasn't happened so far because of the refurbishment activities taking place in Studio 318. I'd been holding out on the most obvious place to put it, because I wanted to be able to hang photographs there.

I'm thinking now, having a place to cut our own mats is probably a lot more significant than an in-studio location to hang artwork.

Michael's, while it had supplies in part, did not have the mat-cutter tool she was looking for. So Herself informed me we were off to Central Florida Office & Art Supply. This is further into town than the Michael's is (from our place, though really also from the locations of a lot of our friends locally). On the other hand, the Michael's there really did a lot of trimming and re-organising of their inventory. Things are a good deal more slanted to scrapbooking and crafts than they used to have for general art and photography. They've still got supplies for painting, drawing, and such. Much less than we remember.

CFOA on the other hand; they've still got lots of good stuff. And, their larger sizes of foam-core board were on special, boards nearly double the size Micheal's offered at the same price. We also found the oval/circle mat cutter she was looking for, and the hand-held tool. She's quite stoked now, and later today we'll be mounting pieces for the NCFPC meeting/competition on Tuesday.

Then back home with a stop at Publix... hmm. Some folk who live locally probably already know this. Some who visit might not but will recall there had been an Albertson's supermarket in Butler Plaza. About a year ago, plus or minus six months, Alberson's announced they would close that outlet (their other one in Hoggetowne remains open). Publix purchased the site and re-opened, even though there is another one within a half - three quarters mile (1 Km) of this. Still, we wanted to check it out and found a lot of interesting items.

For example, their ethnic foods aisle is far more diverse than most of the other Publix' we've seen here in town. Including some of the usual (Hispanic, Kosher, 'generic' Asian) and specifics... Caribbean Islands focused items, very specific Asian (Thai, Malay, Chinese, Japanese), and lo! Items from Great Britain! Though I am mildly disappointed not to find some Aussie/NZ items I keep looking for.

However, Madame Queen Mary Kitteh is satisfied, as bringing home her gooshie foods was one purpose of that trip. The old lady perhaps still keeps two teeth... and as much as we like her, sorry, no dentures for old lady kittehs will be forthcoming.

Today, as mentioned, cut boards and mount photos for Tuesday, plus mat some at least. Entry forms are ready to print out. Tuesday, off to the meeting and competition!


Photos mounted for Tuesday and the NCFPC meeting and print competition. I'm going in with no expectations on my own work; I think Herself is going to knock some socks off with at least 2 photos.

Also done, some practice on old, old pieces of mat board, cutting and making mats. I mean, old. Nasty. Good for practice. These are some of the boards we inherited from Mother Mary. Most of them went into the shelf-storage I built for them. Some, however, I deemed not even worth storing there; stashed them behind a bookcase because all they are good for is practice.

Not done, laundry. On the other hand, there are clean clothes to wear tomorrow, and a functioning washer/dryer here on teh Ranch! Yea!

Time now for evening rounds. Houdini will want to come inside again. If he still carries the olfactory camouflage he found on noon rounds... not likely to be happening. Until there is bath. Which might happen this evening. Or not.