August 16th, 2009

Houdini & I

Home, Home on Teh Ranch

A busy day yesterday, cleaning house. Both indoors and out, indoors after it gets much too warm or humid outside to stand it any longer. We've both been in some doldrums for a bit, it feels good to be breaking out. Front door steps cleaned off, need more scrubbing yet are now once again usable. Items moved to storage, or to the Garage Sale pile; we aren't holding a garage sale per se, the Shire Herself plays with in SCA is going to do so. So there are items being rounded up for that. A lot of shredded paper was going out, but Herself stopped me on that as there is to be a paper-making class with that same Shire. So the shredded paper will go there.

Houdini spent a good amount of time this week and weekend inside with us, hiding from thunderstorms. It's remarkable how calm he will remain, even when startled/scared by a very loud and close thunderclap, when he's with his people. Herself says it's even more noticeable when he's with me. I make no claims on that.

Thought to do some artwork yesterday morning before heading out for rounds. Instead, simply some image file organisation and ordering. Eliminating excessive backups (yes, it's possible, if they are all on the same hard drive) by copying elsewhere or deleting, if in multiple locations. Decreasing storage size on the internal HD by converting RAW files to JPG, then as part of that same excessive backup thing, deleting the RAW files on the internal HD. I'm finding it very useful to keep those on an external USB hard drive, still accessible yet not occupying internal space. Very useful.

Today will be a supplies run to Sams. Unfortunately Houdini will not get to go, as it will be too warm out for him to safely wait in the car.