September 2nd, 2009


Voyage Begins

Regular readers will recall my excitement when I learned that Leonard Nimoy is one of the guests at DragonCon this year; along with appreciating his performance art he and I (totally unbeknownst to him, of course) share a passion for photography and for photographing the human form. I'd hoped to go and ask him to autograph one of his books of his photography.

Work, and Finances both conspired to interfere with my going.

On the other hand, with help from friends known both here on LJ and face to face, and shoulder tapping referrals to others here on LJ who know friends known both here and there... the Book is starting an Incredible Journey, complete with a thank-you note to Mr. Nimoy for autographing same, which if all comes to fruition will be Awesome, and which if the Book merely makes the journey is still Very Cool because this is another example of People Coming Together.

The World is not a friendly place. The World does not care if anyone survives, except so far as it provides a totally unprejudiced testing ground for selecting traits which contribute to said survival. I know this well, because much of my professional life is and has been dedicated to helping people survive.

People, however, people can be friendly. They may not always be so, yet they can be.