September 27th, 2009


Quiet This, Quiet That

Friday, all day Meeting Marathon as mentioned, and it proved to be. Headed home early though as a consequence, by the simple expedient of not going by the office after the meeting wrapped up. Fairly easy to do when the meeting is off-site as far as this one. In one sense this particular meeting is something we wonder should we be attending. In another sense there is no question to be asked or answered. Attendance is mandatory. And most times I walk away with at least one tidbit pointing up future work.

On this occasion, lots of information about the upcoming changes. We are somewhen around 34 (plus/minus) days to Hospital opening the new South Tower. On the same occasion, the old community hospital which is part of Parent Health Care will be moving patients over, into units on both the new South Tower and the existing North Tower (or Campus, depending on which person is describing things), and closing doors as a hospital. Big part of the reason, the physical plant.

Building and safety codes changed over the 80 some years since this facility first opened doors as the Community Hospital; during recent inspections (within the past two years) numerous areas were noted to be less than standard. Renovation, particularly with a commitment already to building a new facility by the 'flagship' of Parent Health Care, truly would be prohibitively expensive. And by commitment to building new, I mean construction already under way. I've little doubt part of the consideration behind plans for the new South Tower/Campus included this aspect about the age of Community Hospital; these issues received attention before the most recent inspections.

Still, it's a major, major event for the Community. There are a lot of strong feelings about this. Thus, both public and 'internal' ceremonies planned around the closing; a memorial, if one will, for the building.

After the conclusion and while shamelessly stealing Hospital Interwebz Wireless, a major WtF...

Trimaris' lustre is dimmed with the death of an old friend, sudden, unexpected. Well, duh, when death is sudden it is also by definition unexpected. Still...