October 18th, 2009

Houdini & I


I am Houdini and I am marking this morning. It is a WONDERFUL temperature this morning and Boss really needs to get up and start doing things. My bros and I are very happy with this temperature, and it is dry and no Sky Grumblers.

Yesterday Boss, MrsBoss, and I tried to help Isaac Bull move through the little gate to Ms Peggy's side, where her cows were calling to Isaac and wanted him to come over. Isaac is sort of shy, though, and he didn't want to move. If the gate were bigger it would be easier. It's OK though, because it's the size gate we have. After Isaac gave up we went to feed the Horses, and then the Goats. MrsBoss went to get more cow and goat feed while Boss and I fed them, and we discovered that one of the fences for the Bachelor Boy Goats has a hole in it. So Boss and I patched that hole while we waited for MrsBoss to get back, and we just about finished it when she pulled up.

Then we herded the goat feed into the drums, and rode Forrest NissanPickup over to the cow drums. They didn't want to move at first, but Rowena Cow is very much afraid of growliebeasts even though Forrest is a very gentle one, and when she started to run back the others followed. We put their feed into their drums and MrsBoss gave them a little bit for being good cows and staying inside the Outside Fences.

Then we herded all the old feed bags into the back of Forrest and I got all happy excited again because that always means a ride in Forrest to The Dump where we herd all the old feed bags and other things. Sometimes it's not a happy ride because The Dump also has the home for Homeless Dogs. But there were no Homeless Dogs there yesterday. Homeless Dogs is very sad, because Dogs and Humans we've got an old and very special relationship going way back on the scent trail.

After that we ate lunch! Turkey is a Really Big DirtyYardBird and it tastes pretty good, even if I only get a little bit of it.

After lunch, though, Boss and MrsBoss went away to hunt and gather without me or my Bros. They got home in time for dinner though. Boss told me while we walked over to feed the cows that he got some things for Studio and the Otterz Mob but mostly supplies for House. He got another BIG bag of KibblesForUs, so we will have plenty food while it is cool.

Not I've got to go get Boss moving, because he's getting kind of intense on some papers he says are for ArtShow or something. We've got to go feed the Goats, Pigs, Cows, and Horses so they can be happy in the cool too.

Oh, yeah, that's ME with Boss in the picture there. We are Dog and Human.