December 26th, 2009

Houdini & I

Morning Rounds

We all headed out around 10-ish. Herself fed the Kid while Houdini & I fed teh Horses, then Herself & I fed the adult goats while Houdini watched the gate. Now Herself is off on the feed run and I'll be heading out to do some chores while waiting to help her unload on return.

File copying (photographs), and backup. Exciting, yes? Cleared the 1 Gb card which am using in the D3000. It had been used in the CoolPix point and shoot, there were some photos from that source still on the card. That's part of the copy/backup process. Now, with a freshly cleared card, the camera tells me 58 photographs may be made.

And yes, I am enjoying the ease of access via Sky Interwebz. Why do you ask?
Weather - StormComing

Home, Home on Teh Ranch

Bit chilly and overcast on Christmas day, even chillier and still overcast today. Still, the weather forecast did not include rain today and does include rain tomorrow. This led to my decision to get a good leg up on the second Goat Bunkbed that Herself wants for the goats in the barn. Given I only had the afternoon to work on it, a very good leg up accomplished indeed.

Mind, the fact that the legs were cut out when we started the first no doubt helped. That and one rail plus two cross-members were also already cut. Even with that, three more rails in one dimension, and three in another needed cutting, plus all the drilling and such. The frames are assembled, the rails are cut and drilled for their lag screws, and the plywood is also cut and notched for the legs of the bunkbed. All of it is currently in the Horse Trailer so it's out of the weather for tomorrow. We could haul it out and assemble in the barn, even if it is raining. We'll see as to that on the morrow.

Because there are also errands to run tomorrow, some shopping to do (groceries) and such. However, the plywood for the platform is now out of the weather, one of the big things I was concerned about. The frames are all made from pressure treat wood; a bit of wet won't bother them. Likely they'll get wet enough just from the goats.

Meanwhile, in other home front news, been playing with a cataloging application that came with the new camera. I'm glad it did come with it, because it turns out my version of Capture won't work the the new camera RAW Nikon formats. I may need to upgrade, may not, as this application, ViewNX, will convert files to other formats. Plus it brings a bit of editing tools, however the biggest benefit is that it will allow cataloging images. Plus, rather than keeping the image data solely in a database which may or may not experience its own problems, the catalog features use aspects of the image file itself to maintain the information.

Pretty handy, that.

Houdini enjoyed most of the day, though there were some hunters in the area and their gunfire bothered him. He had to decide which he liked least, their gunfire or the loud noises I made with electric saw and drill. He decided being close(r) to me seemed a better idea, but not too close.