January 1st, 2010

Weather - Wet

New Years Morning, Twenty-Ten

Woke up around 07:00 this morning I expect more or less by habit. Took Houdini out for his constitutional to wet if not soaked ground. The weather forecast includes rain. Went to be after midnight; did stay up for the ‘end of the decade’ with Herself. We didn’t go out, as she’s in her pre-event mode for this year’s Iron Chef Trimaris. Overall a pleasant evening, though Houdini did stress a bit just after midnight when closer neighbors started busting caps with something fairly hefty, at least shotgun.

I worked on the photo data, got two of the ‘cards’ updated with the background info using ViewNX. It proved somewhat slow, on the files which are on the external hard drive. Hmm. I may need to amend that. This may be on the internal hard drive, not yet the external(s). Hmm, no, there are definitely files on the external HD with a modified date after midnight.

It Is Raining

Not at tropical storm strength, still very definitely raining. And we’ve heard a bit of thunder with lightning, only a bit. So we’re staying indoors for a time. Though we will need to head out at least to feed the kid in a bit. Houdini is with me in Office, and sat up after the thunder. He’s laid down again, still touching my foot.

Herself is now awake and tells me the rain started far earlier, so the gap when Houdini and I went out is between the storms. She’s waiting a bit as she plans to be off to SCA, the third annual Iron Chef Trimaris today. Loading the truck in wet is a bit of a bother. However, she does possess packing sufficient to get things onto the truck and relatively dry before we lay down the tarp and net over all.

Flickr is acting odd, and I suspect the rain is the actual culprit. Weather does interfere with Sky Interwebz when it is thick enough, and portions of this clutter could well be thick enough. So no Pic’o’Day just yet.
Houdini & I

Early Evening

The rain continued through early afternoon. Herself didn't start to pack the truck until nearly three, with help from me. In between Houdini and I set up Herself's new monitor (mine is still in the box, believe it or not), did a wee bit of work in Studio on the barn door project, fed the kid, and some other odds and ends. We've also fed the horses and cows for the evening, re-bedded the goats in the Adolescent pen because their bedding got soaked in the rain, and hugged Herself off to her Iron Chef Trimaris competition. Houdini and Bros are fed, it's just a bit early for me yet.

It's quiet.

I'm feeling in an odd place in my head. Feeling a good deal of uncertainty about some things. At the same time a sense that it will all work out, or may even be nothing. Very ambivalent, very ambivalent. Which makes it good that there are things to do coming up.

Tomorrow should be another Studio 318 session, and I'm looking forward to that. Also want to run into town for a couple more bales of hay and a few more bags of cow feed. Our temperatures are going to drop this evening and more over the next couple days. We had clear skies for a bit, now some clouds are moving in again. Still forecast to around freezing tonight, and lower tomorrow and Sunday nights. Hence the hay, to help bed down the goats and kids.