January 10th, 2010


Morning Rounds

Houdini & I completed morning rounds a bit ago, and now I've enjoyed more coffee to warm up. Got to a point I simply took my glasses off, as my breath (through the scarf) kept them constantly fogged and I couldn't see anything. Things may be blurry without them, yet I could see. Tucked them into a pocket and when we came back into the house... the fog on them had frozen.

Most of the critters are OK. Adolescent doe that kidded yesterday is up and about and very skittish. Her kids did not survive. Too cold.

Talked to Herself (she's off to SCA this weekend) and she's fine, probably on the road about now.

Our washer is fed by a hose from one of the hose bibs, since back in '04 Studio 318 burst its plumbing after the power loss and surges due to the hurricane season. That hose is frozen solid. Probably not doing laundry today here at the Ranch. Curiously enough, since the horse water is also fed by a hose but was on trickle last night, there is a stretch along the ground with no frost as the water in the hose kept things warm enough.

Thick frost on the ground this morning. Even in places the sun already touched, the low spots in the ground kept the frost.

No, I'm not asking for any sympathy from the folks I know who live both far enough north and far enough south to deal with this sort of cold and colder for longer periods of time than we do. This will be one of the longest cold stretches we've experienced here, and it will get warmer here sooner than say Virginia where several friends live, or Michigan where I grew up.

Re-organised the desk last night before knocking off for the day and supper. The new large monitor is now to the right of Laptop and its built-in smaller monitor, so moving mouse to the right moves onto the large screen. I could get used to this for photo work very quickly. *G*
Weather - Cold

Home, Home on Teh Ranch

Herself rolled in from her SCA Arts-Sci weekend around 16:30. I was just heading out to give the bottle-kid the early evening hot milk, and she joined me. One of the older does, in the big paddock, also kidded. At least she did it in daylight, and she's more experienced as a mother. So far her kids are doing OK, and have been finding teats.

After feeding teh Horses and teh Cows, together we strung the canvas sidewalls of her pavilion around the goat pole barn in the big paddock, and along the side of the adolescent and buckling shelters as well. Plus we added to the hay load, which of course the goats started eating. That's fine, as it will provide heat from within as well, and they can't eat all of it before bedding down.

Shelter from the wind, and enough of a dead-air zone to help hold in their own body heat. They'll do OK through tonight, which is supposed to be the coldest of the stretch so far.

Electric bill is going to be up some this month. *G* Between heating the Big House, keeping Studio 318 just above freezing, and the fact that running water won't freeze which is why the goats, horses, and cow troughts are on dribble rather than float valve just now... See, to keep our water running like that means the pump cycles in teh well. Still OK. Rather have that than frozen burst pipes. We've had that before, too, when the power failed in an ice storm, back in '89.

Yup, back then we had to haul ice, uphill both ways and barefoot... nah. Actually, we didn't get the goats until early '90.