February 6th, 2010

Weather - Blue Skys

Blustery Day

No Winnie though, and the Wood is significantly smaller than 100 Acers.

However, after the rain moved through the wind kept up. Skies cleared, with some high cloud and that almost painfully clean blue colour that often follows rains. Later today or tomorrow I need to walk the fenceline looking for branches down across the fence. This due to the amount of wind.

Already did some maintenance to a hog panel which is attached to one gate. Old lashings wore through in the bouncing from the wind, those are re-done. Also a run into town for hay to bed down the goats again. Particularly the adolescent pen, where another adolescent doe kidded yesterday. Mom & Kid doing fine this time, though, as that adolescent apparently paid better attention to the example set by her elders in that pen with her.

Meanwhile, time to mix up more kid milk for the ones we're feeding and see to them. After that, I think Houdini and I will take that stroll; possibly Smudge too.

Been reading the posts by folks in the Northeast & Middle Atlantic Seaboard. A lot of snow, indeed. ETA: Forgot to mention what with the wind still around, we did experience a brief power outage. Nothing to get excited about, back on in at most a couple minutes. Not at all like friends up north in the Snow Belt.