March 7th, 2010

Houdini & I

Slow Start

Out of bed and starting to move, if not function, around 06 today. Coffee. Feed the Indoor Critters. Surf the web a bit and there isn't much going on in my particular time zone at that time of day on teh Webz. Doesn't much matter the rest of the time zones, apparently. Sunday will be a slow day.

Worked through Card Three of a Studio session from around New Years. Lest the participants get all excited that Woot! It's Done! this proves not to be the case. I skipped over Card Two in favour of Card Three because Two has 250 images in it, Three a mere 186. At this point, it being so far from Shoot Production the initial post-production is including cropping, re-orienting, inserting a 'makers mark' and saving the file more or less for proof-sheet purposes. A few might receive a bit more attention, to provide a time estimate for additional work on others in near time series. Not much else. No light levels, or desaturation (and a goodly portion of these will be B&W in their final versions), just pound through the files to prep for proofs and distribution to the parties involved.

I received an invitation to play Paint-Ball on Saturday from some folk at Hospital. Could be a lot of fun. Instead...

Yesterday we fenced. Not the fun sort with swords, the not so fun sort with posts and wire fabric and staples and hammers and Cows watching and asking Watchadooin? Why you block our path? To which the answer is, Herself is wanting to get her garden ready and the paths the Cows are interested in lead across the fence between Cow Pasture and Home Paddock. In short, Cows In Garden are not invited. In somewhat more length... achy back. Ah well. The fence is repaired, though we also want to add some barbed wire to the top.

See, Cows are of a mind or such that wandering along and bumping into a fence might stop them, or might simply cause them to think Uh, WattDat Got My Hoof? On the other hand, Cow wandering along and finding a strand of barbed wire is likely to think Ow. Do Not Like. Go elseways. Particularly once they've developed a habit of crossing a fence in a spot; then they simply test things until they've pushed down the fence again, unless there is that wee stimulus which leads to Ow. Do Not Like.

This is all fine, even with more photography shoot production projects on the slate. Keeping cows inside their zone is beneficial, even if we aren't talking about the Out Of Zone portion that includes a road, dark nights, and automobiles. Goes along with the bit about feeding kids who's does are unable or unwilling (for whatever reasons) to feed them. And, since Herself worked on doing feast for an SCA event recently, a good portion of Studio is currently serving as temporary holding for items that need to return to Barony. And, with the cold weather, it's chilly in there.

So today, finish with the fencing by pulling the barbed wire. Do laundry. Feed kids. Maybe, possibly, get some more post-production work in later this evening. If I'm not all worn out from that relaxing Sunday agenda.

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Read this if you are a reptile phobe... while walking about the south 4 of the home compound of our Ranch today (heading back to the House for fluids & a short break on the fencing) Herself spotted this shedding, from an indigo. Actually, we'd spotted a live indigo as well, who once zie realised we'd spotted them departed down a gopher tortoise hole which was right handy nearby. That one, however, did not leave this shedding as it is only about a metre long and not quite 3 cm diameter yet, a youngster.

I've lined alongside the shedding in the photo to help you trace it. Click the photo itself if you've a mind to, takes you to Flickr. But this is the large size here and probably easier to see it.

In other news, we've finished stringing the barbed wire along the top of the fence dividing Cow Pasture from Home Compound. This will perhaps dissuade bovines from wandering over to this side and disrupting Herself's garden. On the other hand, if it does not, there will be more beef in the freezer.