March 16th, 2010


Today's Experiment - Also, Some Much Older Work

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I met Kendra while attending Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI. We both took the Theatre Arts class Acting and Movements Lab. I asked if she'd be interested in doing some photos around campus and some other locations and she agreed. Some outside, some inside in a couple of the buildings on campus, and later some in the attic of the house where I rented the upstairs flat. This one is from the Wege Center, on the landing of the main staircase. It is lit by a window wall, facing north if I recall correctly. I'd purchased a Graflex Baby Crown, which used 2.25x3.25" sheet film (hence the 'Baby' since the standard format for most Graflex cameras was 4x5") and we used that camera for this session. Payment then consisted of prints for her time, which was about what I could afford as a sophomore.

Years later, I tracked her using one of the student reunion web sites and contacted her. I'd never gotten a consent on paper; not a big issue with these photos, still a good idea. She replied to my e-mail quite excited, absolutely happy that I asked because over time she'd lost her copies. And of course I could use these in my portfolio. Best of all, she lived rather nearby these days, two-three hours down the road further south in Baja Jorja.

So I printed up a bunch of them again, and dry-mounted most of them. This one, though, this one I double matted and framed and presented to her. She said I didn't need to. I replied that 30 plus years before 'payment' earned a bit of interest.

The second half of this, the experiment, is I posted it to Deviant Art rather than Flickr because of more problems today connecting. We'll see how it displays here in the blog.