April 12th, 2010

RN Self Hard at Work

Flying Reserve

Worked Saturday at Hospital, covering weekend. Stayed busy. Long shift, got home ate dinner parboiled self and went to bed. Sunday up early, disappointed Houdini by not taking him with us when Herself and I joined members of the NCFPC on a field trip to Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. Back to teh Ranch after that but work on the ranch followed. Hence, no Pic'o'Day for either of those.

Back to Hospital again this morning, and I am the Flying Reserve. See me fly! Just don't get too close to the su...



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Today's entry is preparation work for next month's Camera Club competition. I'm embarking on another experiment here, to provide you folks with time to kick me some on whether the image works or not. Camera Club allows me to enter a total of six photos into the critique/competition: 2 in Colour, 2 in Monochrome, and 2 in Creative (Non-photo-realistic). The theme for next month is 'Mirror', looking to get both the reflecting surface and the subject reflected into the photograph.