April 23rd, 2010

Houdini & I

Minor Musings

I probably need a new mouse. Mind, the one I'm using is/was a gift, so it's not like I spent anything on it personally. Also, it's probably four or five years old, though it did not get a huge amount of use during some of that time. It's a wireless mouse, and I used it primarily when traveling. Lately, it is requiring a lot of clicks to get a reaction. Could be where it is in relation to the receiver. Could be the USB connection. Could be Laptop getting flaky again. Most likely explanation though, given age and use, is the mouse is old.

In related news, I did not purchase a new computer yesterday. Woot Dot Com offered a pretty good one, nice fast dual-core processor, 8 Gb RAM upgradeable to 16, 1 Tb hard drive, a few other features rather attractive. I didn't buy because I want to get a better idea on what the income is going to be, now that I'm off 'orientation' in OR and doing the weekly 'Stay Late' overtime gig. That, and there are some other expenses coming up.

In unrelated news, I work the night shift tonight, rather than my usual, as part of my required 5 Weekend Commitments (out of an 8 week schedule... five out of eight weekends working. Is it any wonder not many people want to work an RN's schedule?). Houdini woke me up around 06:30 and all his behavior so far indicates he believes it to be a stay-home day. Which, yes, sort of it is. Wonder how he'll react tonight when I get dressed and leave. We'll see.

In other unrelated news, Google Mail is not connecting which is probably on their side as the other two tabs open are connecting quite nicely.

Bit of Play

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Practicing a bit with layering and merging two or more images again. The helicopter flew overhead this morning. The rest is from the recent NCFPC field trip to Kanapaha. The object is intended to provide housing alternatives to a type of bee, not honeybee, which also serves as a pollinator. Part of an experiment with several types of materials to see what the bees like. The end result is... something. Dunno what, exactly.

You tell me.

Will be working at Hospital later this evening. Yup.