May 1st, 2010


Early Pic'o'Day Is Early

Which would be because today is work Evening shift at Hospital.

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While I don't recall seeing as many bighorn sheep on the second trip out to visit Sister & Bro-in-Law, that trip did occur during the summer months. I suspect the sheep opted to avoid humans while the weather provided better eating and such. Back in that chilly November of '00 they could be seen a lot of places around human buildup, primarily because that same buildup made it a bit easier to get at food sources.

No bighorn sheep around here. There is a place inside of 10 miles that raises domesticated sheep. People often ask us about purchasing a goat to 'mow' their lawn. We usually refer them to the sheep farmer. Sheep graze, therefor mow lawns. Goats browse, therefor trim all your ornamental bushes back for you.

Today Houdini and I made two runs to the Dump. The first one took recycle-ables as in paper, plastic, and metal cans. Forrest NissanPickup full load, that. Second run took refuse. Six cans full, the larger trash bin size 'cans' made from petrochemicals rather than metal. Should of made photographs, as it is proof we recycle more.