May 29th, 2010

Houdini & I

Long Weekend

Wrapped up the work week by circulating for Ortho, and then some other service. All in all, an OK week.

Herself is off to TMT (SCA event) this weekend. I've got Ranch Watch, feeding the Triple Bellas. Went OK yesterday evening for late feeds; we've been getting them used to me yet I've not been actually providing the feeds. Proved not to be a problem.

Houdini and I ate dinner together, watching The Blind Side via DVR. Pretty good movie, eh? O, wait, won some award recently I think.

Woke this morning with lower back spasms. Ever since Mr. Stone I'm somewhat paranoid/hyper-aware of where/which muscle group is spasming. There is an old, old injury on x-ray, and in the same anatomical vicinity as the kidneys. Still a recurrence of Mr. Stone is possible. Back feels better now, after sitting for a bit. Not happy, yet better.

Today is going to be Feed Ranch, Feed Run, Feed Triple Bellas, and in between all that fit in some Photo Work. Two things to work on, the post production and some items for Camera Club. Theme is Texture.