June 9th, 2010


Behind the Scenes

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That blinding white blob-like object in the top right corner is Your Humble Narrator. Fairly easy to tell from that, despite living in (actually, because of) in North Central Baja Jorja I don't usually expose large areas of skin surface to direct sunlight. As is, despite application of some sun screen I still pinked up my backside shoulders a bit. The more graceful shape in the lower left corner is Our Muse and Model, performing gyrations as directed before submerging.

Film delivered to lab yesterday, and will be available processed and digitised on Friday.

IN other news, two new tyres on Sydney SubaruOutback and confirmation that other parts indeed need replacing, though the parts were not ordered. This work is done at our local tyre place, and we do like the work they do on our tyres. Last time I needed tyres replaced I'd had the Subaru in to the mechanic we usually have do such work, and the owner of our tyre place sort of wondered why as they do such work there also.

So we asked them to do the work as well as tyres this time; we got the car back with confirmation as stated, but no other work. 'OK I'll call for the prices on the parts and leave a message' response.


Yes, please do, and meanwhile tomorrow I'll also call Our Usual Mechanic and get the prelim (parts) estimate from them plus a heads up that we'll be bringing him in when they get the parts. Needs new CV joints for the front and a new bearing on the right front wheel. Not too extreme for 157,000 miles / 251200 kilometres.