June 19th, 2010


Day - Oh

Hot, humid, welcome to North Central Baja Jorja.

Ranch critters fed before it got too hot, and then we cleaned up a bit before setting out to run errands. We promised Houdini to be home in time to help fend off the Sky Grumblers who hunt him (thunder, eh), and we did accomplish this goal. Also done, feed bills zeroed out, supplies laid in, and a trip off teh Ranch for Herself. She does get to go places, really. Still, it feels pretty good to go together, even running errands.

Once home again, unloaded Sydney SubaruOutback, then Herself put together a trail-mix from ingredients purchased on the supply errand. Last batch we included M&M's and dehydrated banana chips. This time we didn't. It's all good, tastes great, and somewhat very less expensive than the commercial mixes. She picks out the Filberts and Cashews for me.

Houdini is now sacked out behind my chair, and there are rumbles of thunder about so I'm probably closing out shortly. However, as regards the Pic'o'Day?

Collapse )

Maybe tomorrow I'll post something from the Summer Fae session, since those participants now possess their proofs DVD's and thus saw the pieces before y'all do.