June 24th, 2010



Yesterday at Hospital was Stay Late. And as they've been running, I stayed late. Home and straight to bed after some ibuprofen intake. Slept... moderate well. And again today, less the Stay Late. Such is that life.

Contemplated working on some of the work needing post production for posting today, and discovered a bit of Honey-Do list instead. Helped herself take down and load one of her pavilions, for Shire this weekend. Amurgorod holds the Tri-Olympics at Horse Arenea this weekend. I'll be on Ranch-watch, including this evening whence I shall be feeding the Triple Bellas. So instead, a bit from a while ago:
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Reading posts, if not all and not quite daily. Tired, not commenting because some of the reading is during break time at work. And now, on to other things.