June 27th, 2010


Weather, Or Not

'Or Not' means whether or not the weather will co-operate with posting a Pic'o'Day. Yesterday we experienced much thunder and heavy, wet clouds to the south of us, which interfered with Sky Interwebz transmission and receipt. Today we may be experiencing the same, or Flickr may simply not be playing nice. I've been able to log on. I get lots of 'broken link' image icons when pictures of mine own and of viewing contacts try to load. Some of those may be on this end; others are possibly on their end. I say this because pics posted by a friend to their blog... show the same broken link icons.

There is thunder out there, and a Border Collie under my feet. We've gotten a bit of rain, mostly enough to hike up the local humidity by an order of magnitude. On the other hand, laundry is mostly done, as are some other household chores. And I've taken the opportunity of not being on line to provide emotional shelter for a Border Collie to read a bit. Could be worse. A lot worse.