July 24th, 2010

Houdini & I

Odds And Ends

We missed the tropical storm, or it missed us, depending on how one looks at it, and perhaps counting eggs before they hatch. However, today will be hot, 30% chance of rain/thunderstorms, humid, high UV index (wear sun screen!) and such.

In Other News
Last weekend I looked at some prices while off to the bulk-purchase club known as Sam’s. Specifically I looked and did not purchase because items viewed not on the list of allowable purchases. Prices actually seemed in line with other places, and perhaps not so much a great deal. Notes made include: $300 (US) will now purchase enough laptop for comfortable travel. Comfortable travel means not hauling around a mini-flat screen television. $1300 (US) will purchase a moderately powerful desktop (no data on upgrade aspects from what comes in the box) with a 27" / 68 cm Full HD LCD monitor. More research to be done regarding this. Reason? Herself’s desktop is nigh onto six years old. Himself’s laptop (and primary/only PC) is still showing signs of dubious functioning after the Crash of last October. Finally, a six shelf of stainless steel wire structure with 3" / 7.5 cm casters is $90 (US).

Already use three of those in various locations in Studio 318, and am contemplating another. They are quite handy. One is assembled into two parts, half of which is stationary and the other half with casters. Used that half to photograph Tudor House last year. Quite convenient for turning that big box around to photograph from different angles at a comfortable height for my posture.

Stopped to look at phones on the way home. The NotSoSmart Phone is now a shade over two years and the contract is ‘up’ meaning now the provider is sending me upgrade notices. Unlike last time this happened, I’m considering it. I rely on my calendar particularly, and that’s been on a PDA for a long time now. Opted to go with the NotSoSmart Phone because of interest in consolodating items being carried around (PDA, phone) and not particularly unhappy with that general result. Only needing to keep track of one item is helpful.

At any rate, looked at two variations: iPhone & Droid. No decisions yet. More investigation to do. Quite illuminating, eh? Here’s the summary though. Played more with an iPhone than with Droid, so I want to do some of that yet. Like the differences from the NotSoSmartPhone even in appearance & operation alone. Am a tad surprised yet not annoyed that iPhone does not provide for a memory stick insertion. All data backup is via sync, but hey when the ‘smallest’ option available is 8 Gb the memory card is less of an issue. NotSoSmartPhone on-board memory is... less than an old 386 style PC. Less than 640 Kb in other words.

Very amused, and intrigued, at being able to access various things previously not available via even the NSSP (you figure out the acronym, eh?). At any rate, not likely to upgrade immediately, and am thinking about upgrade as a personal birthday present. I mean after all, if a new phone that accesses the Interwebz can solve the Midlife Crisis problem...

Just now, it's time to get up, get dressed and go outside while still relatively cool to do some Ranch related work. Later, when it's hot, time to do some photography work.

A Twofer

Just to show you (mostly) what we were up to today.

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The cart is for her yard tractor. We could also hook it onto the big tractor. Might look a bit odd though. She's looking forward to scraping out the goat barn now. No, Srsly! All that goat manure = Most Excellent Fertilizer!

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This fellow really is not very large, about the size of a US dime. Maybe 1 cm across entire, and tucks legs in under that spiny cover. They very politely mark their webs so we can see them and not walk into them.

Oh, and this early evening while out feeding teh Horses, Kids, and Cows (specifically after feeding Cows and Kids and before Horses because we were extricating Stupid Goats from fence), overhead a cry, looked up, and 18 kites swooped and looped above us. We know there is a pair that nests nearby. We've not seen this many together before.

Welcome to North Central Baja Jorja.