July 27th, 2010



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This is the second photograph in a set over on Flickr, and the set itself is a sub-set of a visit to the City of Lights, Lost Wages. Las Vegas. Sometimes, though, a single photograph is not the entire image. There are diptych (two images to create a greater whole) and triptych (three, ditto) and such. Sometimes, it is a slide-show. Click on the image itself and you jump over to Flickr. Or follow this link:

Madshutterbug's Flickr Bellagio Fountain Show

which will open in a new window. There, select the Slideshow icon up toward the top of the page.

Don't do this on dial-up, though. **ahem**

For most of this set, Herself and I sat at a table in the Sidewalk Cafe outside the Paris Resort (or France or whatever it's name is... replica of the Eifel Tower overhead). I set up the tripod with the D70s on it, switched it to the remote control, sat down, drank water, and every few minutes or so (didn't measure time, exactly) tripped the shutter.

Go. Watch Las Vegas move by you silently...