September 19th, 2010


Mighty Kitteh Sez

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I'd say this completes the postings for the week of 9/13, and it does, yet... well, what I did getting ready for the week of postings. Uploaded the group to Flickr, then on that occasion copied and saved the HTML coding to link to the photos. Posted a picture a day, with one exception that wasn't on the list, and another exception being the Stay Late at Hospital day.

Today, as I've griped about before, my connection to Flickr isn't playing nice. This is why I've started setting up for a week's worth of postings as it were when I do get connected. I'm fairly sure it's hardware, not sure if it's the router or the laptop itself. Happens with more sites than Flickr, may involve weather at the Internet Satellite Provider location. Seems to mostly involve sites which are major band-width intensive, so graphic sites. Or it could be the laptop, which is also acting a bit odd lately, nearly a year after the Big Laptop OS Crash. Probably I should just bite it and get a new computer, except there's that whole the economy sucks thing and our current bills pretty well did expand to meet available income.

Still, nobody wants to hear things like that as it reminds them too much about their own problems.

Herself is back from her SCA weekend refreshed and full of stories about helping cook the feast. When she got home Houdini and I were playing Hose while also washing out one of the dogs igloo-style dog houses. More on that later (house-washing) because Herself needed me to move the Subaru to back in the Nissan, and I wasn't about to let a soaked dog into the car, and he wasn't about to move without getting a ride. End result, no one hurt, Herself moved the dog, I moved the car, the Nissan got backed in, and we unloaded LEFTOVERS for dinner. Om nom nom.

I've also prepped photos for next week, actually tomorrow evening, Camera Club #2 meeting & show. Eight photos, three to the theme Nature which means natural things without any signs of Man, three General and I more or less stayed with the Theme except I allowed some signs of Man, and two Monochrome one of which shows no signs of Man and one of which is a Portrait of Woman.

This one is different from Camera Club #1. When time comes to look at photos, that's what the club does. Maker of Photos speaks a bit to each one, and other members then comment as they feel the need. Critique is available yet must be asked for specifically. No Place Ribbon prizes are awarded; everyone is there to make, look at, and enjoy photos. Probably quite a few that I'm running in this one I've used a a Pic'o'Day at some point; I'll reference back to them after I know how things went. Others I'll put up as Pic-o'Day sometime soon, same purpose.

For now, it's time to go feed Cows and Horses and Hungry BorderCollieBros and then me.