September 21st, 2010


Trout Haven

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This is one of the photos placed in yesterday evenings Camera Club #2 show. Very different from Camera Club #1. No competition. No judges. No ribbons for places. No points. Simply look at photos & comment if the need strikes. One of the comments to this one? "Um, that's not Florida, is it." Comment, not question, eh?

I'll post some more as the week goes, possibly a couple a day since Thursday is Stay Late day and we all know how that goes. In point of fact, many probably are already in the Pic'o'Day set over on Flickr.

Yesterday was ladyever's Day, and I didn't post then because I didn't head home, and therefore general Internet access, until after Camera Club Meeting. Houdini was not amused. But he forgave me. Maybe ladyever will too, Hippie Un-Birdbaths!