October 21st, 2010

Houdini & I

Things Done, Things To Do

Picked up prints from Flair framer-matter yesterday (are those even words?) and brought them home. One is framed because of odd size. Rather like making odd sizes, however it can become... costly. The others are matted, and I've got frames over in Studio 318 for them.

Time spent with the Border Collie Bros and Herself.

Coffee consumed.

To Do:
Help feed teh Ranch this morning before framing, finalising paperwork, packing (carefully, considering artwork), and then hitting the road for Necronomicon. Realistically, I will not be surprised if I change up that plan and don't depart until early tomorrow morning. Setup for the Art Show is open this evening up to a point, which is why I'd like to get there today. It also opens moderately early tomorrow morning, before the Con officially opens, and so heading down early could also work.

Tomorrow is Pay Day. Direct Deposit is a good thing. However, considering all the travails I've moaned about regarding Laptop this year, I'm leaning strongly towards leaving Laptop home. Despite appearances, it really feels more like a slim-form-factor fold-able desktop than a laptop since last October.

It also looks like it's going to be a Full Moon this weekend...
Houdini & I

Still Here

However, the artwork is very nearly packed. Four pieces framed, three prints from last year already in sleeves ready for the Print Shop, a fifth piece packed in for good measure. Paperwork completed to the point I can complete; remainder to be done when I check in. I may need price sticker tabs, dunno.

In between completing the framing with hanging devices, and the paperwork, and such, I've also helped Herself to move a bit of manure/compost about in the North Garden, fed the Ranch Critters, and a few other odds & ends.

Still to do, pack my bag, finish the artwork packing, set things ready to go. I shall arise early (more nearly my usual time on a work day), and plan to be on the road again by 06:00. Could put me into town for the con by about 09:00 though more likely 10:00.

Other plans afoot, perhaps to come to fruition. Not taking laptop, definitely. May have 'net access courtesy of my host so may be able to check things like e-mail and LJ. We'll see.