October 26th, 2010


Similarities of Dissimilarity

It struck me today, mulling over things done this past weekend and things done in past years. A Con is a Con is a Con. Now, they may well sport different names in the view I'm taking, because I'm not talking about Necronomicon being similar/different to Dragoncon or World Con or Comic Con. I am actually looking at the similarity of what I did, and how I'm feeling about some things coming home from Necronomicon and coming home from AORN Congress.

I made a post, over on my Deviant Art page, that took a very preliminary view on this. Partially, that's because the 'journal' entry there that showed before doing this one was 10 months old. Active, there, eh?

Still, I am struck by these similarities from dissimilar types of conventions. There are several ideas now planted generating a future output. Some are specifically 'art' ideas, some image to make. Some are less specific, yet still art related. These ideas floated by panel members described things attendees might need to know about writing, and at the same time I'm seeing the similarity (in dissimilar artistic venues) to approaching the execution of an idea for an image.

In brief, I'm coming home energised with ideas and concepts to put into play in a professional life. It is a different profession from the one which, currently, brings home the bacon as it were. Yet the basis there, to find ideas and plans to put into effect, is the same. Just as so often I returned from AORN Congress with something new to put into practice in caring for people undergoing surgery.

What is that the French say again?