November 16th, 2010

Houdini & I

Um. Yah.

Off-line as it were for a couple days here. Nothing bad, mostly work related, and Camera Club #2. Meeting for latter last night, so I dashed home to feed critters as Herself was at Farmers Market.

Theme last night Panorama. As in, either a panorama camera (interesting beasts, do not own one, never played with one, familiar with them primarily from reading though did see one in action once), a 'faux' panorama which is a severely cropped image, or a 'stitched' panorama which is a series of images overlaying each other to make a bigger image.

I've played with the last concept rather a bit over years, starting with film before digital photography was even considered. So yes, something interesting. Submitted two pieces, one which I'm fairly sure I've shown here (Lake Chelan, Washington, a view from my room at the resort where I stayed for a Nursing meeting), one which I've not because the first version proved less than acceptable. Second version better, still needs work.

Plus a few other pictures viewed, taken the weekend before during the Photo Walk at the conference. Why haven't you seen them you ask? Because connection to the Photo Hosting Service which I'm not inclined to name this evening (no relation to that bloody bore, Voldemort) has been spotty, and I just worked them up Sunday evening. And I've been off-line for two days.

Other than that... not amused by some things related to Gainful Employment. Quite pleased by rather a handful of other aspects related to Gainful Employment. In short... life.

More later. Ranch Critters Need Feeding, sez Houdini. (see icon there, eh?)