December 2nd, 2010

Weather - Cold

Tucking In the Ranch

We spent some time this evening, and actually Herself spent quite a bit of time this afternoon, tucking in the Ranch for a hard freeze overnight. In previous years, tucking in the Ranch primarily involved spreading bedding hay for the goats under their shelter roof or roofs. This year it also involves spreading bedding hay for the crops. Primary difference is the bedding hay for the goats is fresh, and the bedding hay for the crops is the leftovers from the cows and horses.

There are some other contrivances for various portions of the crops. The tomato plants, for example are covered with old feed sacks. This may help. Unfortunately, last night Herself tried water sprinklers only to discover (around 03:00) that the flow rate to the sprinkles proved too slow, and the hose froze. Alas. Perhaps the tomatoes will not do so well. Cabbages and other plants, however are doing better. And in one stretch with the new seedlings popping up, she'd made a boatload of 'mini-greenhouses' by cutting the bottoms off of 2 litre soda jugs and covering the seedlings. Apparently, the seedlings agree that mini-greenhouses are Teh Bomb.

In other news, saw the dentist today for a cleaning and exam. Much to my amusement, he again tells me I'm grinding my teeth probably in my sleep. This amuses me because my brother did this. While I've no direct evidence that I do, I'm inclined to agree. Might be less amused at the prospect of creating a personalised mouth-guard to wear while sleeping. On the other hand, two teeth with fillings are showing cracks (not needing repairs yet) and this most probably due to said grinding.

Chili tonight, as in dinner, to go along with chilly tonight, as in outdoors.