December 9th, 2010

Houdini & I

Thursday Morning Eight AM

Since I work on Saturday, today is off from Hospital. Houdini is quite happy so far. That may change later, when Herself and I depart for a road trip to town for some shopping. On the other hand, it may not. The road trip primarily involves groceries, may also involve electronics (see yesterday's posting, eh), and at some point definitely involves laying in more feed stocks for some of teh Ranch livestock.

Ah. And one other item must be on the road trip list. More on that later.

Meanwhile there is coffee, and slow wake up which is glorious.
Houdini & I


My sister, bless her pointy little head, notified me last week that she'd put a package in the mail for us, that it likely would arrive around Monday, and we are to start using it right away. This is a sort of code in our family that there is food in the package. Pretty common around this time of year, as well. Package probably arrived Monday, possibly Tuesday as that's the day I stopped at the Post Awful and found the Call At Window notice.

I mean, they could of put the package in one of the keyed lockers, eh? Or so I thought at the time. Stopped in at the Post Awful today, it being a day off from Hospital and myself running errands, and called at the window. In honesty, the box is probably a bit big for the keyed lockers. Into the car it went, and trundled into Hoggetowne and back on the errands. Errands included stopping by the bank for some forms completion, filing those forms with the HR department at Hospital (intrigued yet? Stay tuned!), then groceries. And electronics. More on electronics later too.

Back home, unloaded the car with help from Houdini and Herself. On the second or third trip into the house, brought in the package. Opened it up. Sure enough there is food in there. Yum. And something else. Toward the bottom. I dug through the crumpled newsprint packing and pulled out --

Boots. And spurs. Made in Mexico boots and spurs. Bought by our father as a young man, while hitch-hiking back, after driving a car for hire to California, through the Southwest and a sojourn through a part of Mexico. Vaquero boots and spurs.

I now think, since the comment in the e-mail specifically said 'you are to start using them' that she meant something other than start eating the food. And this evening, the day the package arrived, for some reason I can't connect to G-mail to tell her, they've arrived.

Go figure.