December 14th, 2010

Houdini & I


The Saga, so far (in a nutshell or yanno, electronic bits)
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Meanwhile, Ranch taken care of, Herself taken care of (shelf installations in her room). Unfortunately the two youngest kids from yesterday, who popped out shortly before sundown, did not survive the night. Mom took good care of them, they were in with the herd in the barn, and still it got too cold for them. The rest of the new kids are doing OK.

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Houdini & I

So... Not a Needle Pulling Thread

Other than the questions posted earlier (see only if you are interested in such things as problems with PC's), it's been an interesting process. An earlier hiccup in the setup of new PC proved only that, a hiccup (so far... always leave room for disaster, eh) and I'm currently listening to Pandora, which means I've successfully trouble-shot the connection of the speakers. If things continue so calmly (ignore that insane maniacal laughter in the background) I might even be able to re-claim the personal music library, either iTunes or previously ripped from owned CD's. Well, the iTunes is mostly that as well.

Not to be complaining, as we merely coped with it. Squrrl BorderCollie Bro got to spend the night and a good portion of today indoors, though in travel crate. He's not so much with house broken yet, being as he's lived most of his life outdoors. Didn't want him out in last night's cold, however. Regardless of how cold it got Much Further North, temperatures in the High Teens F / Below Zero C are cold. And we shamelessly admit we're feeling a bit protective of our Bros after Smudge's departure earlier this year.

Herself accomplished measurements to make some clothing for a friend this afternoon. Part of that involves the humour of giving directions. This is two-parted. First is trying to find teh Ranch by using the 911 Grid Address as assigned by County Government. It sort of works, moreso if one inputs County Seat rather than Town of Record for the address. I mean, that got Bro-in-Law and Sister here last year summer. However, using Town of Record provides a location about 10 - 15 miles / 16 Km away from here. Nice if one wants to ensure privacy. Not so nice considering the growing dependence of both private citizens and shipping/handling concerns on GPS.

Second is dealing with Herself giving directions. On that I will not say much, as I do not wish to sleep outdoors in one of the BroHouses tonight.

Keeping track of New Kids. We did expect the goats to start kidding in cold and/or wet weather, so the barn is and has been ready. However, some will still not do so well. Alas.

Houdini tells me he could get used to this Boss Sticking Around thing. So could I. On the other hand, next week resumes Gainful Employment. Meanwhile, to continue with Self Employment, and getting the place ready for another night of hard freeze temperatures.

Thus, Later.
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