January 17th, 2011

Weather - Wet

Rain, Rain

It is raining here in North Central Baja Jorja, a mixed blessing which leads to curious feelings. We need this rain, as our precipitation is far behind the 'normal' demonstrated by statistics. Fire risk warnings are High, with a number of counties in this part of the state issuing Burn Bans. Further, a rain day means inside work, probably uninterrupted working on the recent session. On the other hand, the kids still need to be fed, as do the hogs. Teh Horses may be skipped; they will complain, yet they have hay. As do the Cows.

There is thunder in the forecast. I expect that part of the day, then, will be taken up by a Border Collie Bro who will need reassurance that the Sky Grumblers can not find him indoors, and his tail is safe. Which situation potentially could interfere with working on session photos. Oh well. Today is a work holiday, as well as being Martin Luther King Jr. Day and a federal holiday. So I'm here, at the Ranch, and available. Houdini did wake me up at 5:00 (the usual time for this day of the week), however he's now sacked out on the floor behind me, quite content that his Human is near by.

Road trip with Herself yesterday. We both got new shoes, Herself for working on teh Ranch, myself for going other places. I'd been looking at all my 'sneaker/trainer' style shoes, with cracks and tears in the uppers and soles separating from the shoes, thinking these can't be that old, when did I buy them again? Not being able to remember when one purchased something may not be an indicator of failing memory, may more likely be an indicator that yes, specially in light of the evidence, these shoes are old and worn out.

We also picked up needed storage containers for Herself. She uses totes to haul things when she sets up Carmenetta's Cottage at SCA events, and other totes for hauling produce to Farmers Markets. The totes she uses for the Cottage are sized to make hauling the amount of fabric (clothing) easy and keeps the lids on with a positive latch. Unfortunately, the particular style also has the hinge for the latch on the lid, which means they leak. Out in rain, either during the load/unload phase or just oops, means wet clothing. We replaced those totes with new ones purchased, and I'll get the old ones for use indoors in Studio 318 to hold & organise props & such.

Impulse purchases, times three:
- Fabric to make a Hawai'ian Shirt for Kawauso Ofuroyama of the Otterz Mob. Plus another OR hat for me, there's enough to get it all done.
- Stainless steel water bottles, for our photo daytrips, one each in Herself Red & Shutterbug Blue.
- Light Wands, again in Herself Red & Shutterbug Blue. I'm looking at mine (or both) as Studio tools.

Laundry started yesterday, or actually started on Saturday, soaked overnight, and continued yesterday. Now there's a load waiting in the dryer, and one in the washer when that load is removed. What with the rain, we'll see when those get transported to the House. It will happen, simply when. Rain may ease off by afternoon.

Meanwhile, it's time for breakfast with Herself. Scones. Cranberry Scones. Om nom nom.
Weather - Wet

Good Soaking

Our informal measurements make it at least an inch / 2.5 cm of rain here today. There is a misty fog laying over the pastures, not so heavy under the trees. Just back in from feeding teh Ranch.

Indoor accomplishments today. Laundry done, folded, away. Recent photo session reviewed, tagged, almost ready for proofing. Sorting through a big number of files in storage, applying appropriate metadata: copyright, date of photograph, camera info in notes for the film images and the earlier fairly cheap digitals with which we experimented. Sort of a deja vu on that, I remember doing more of those files. Oh. Yes. Probably on Old Laptop.

Speaking of which, I need to extract the hard drive of Old Laptop and try it in an external housing I've got on hand. I think I should be able to recover last minute data. We'll see.

Meanwhile, back at teh Ranch, nearly dinner time for the Humans. We're having Dogs tonight. No, the Border Collie Bros didn't tick us off, and no neighbor dogs are missing. At least that we know of. Brats, actually, on buns, with onions and peppers, and 'tater tots.

See you on the later side.