January 30th, 2011


Day After

It is the day after a Night Shift. I've gotten three plus hours sleep before waking at noon, partially because Houdini needed me to, and partially because I rarely sleep more than that after working Nights... at first. Filled the afternoon with an errand, driving into town for supplies. The BorderCollieBro kibbles are laid in, as well a good supply of other items. Staples for the most part, and we'd run out. Purchased today because Friday was payday, yesterday was get things on teh Ranch done and rest before Nights and... you get the picture.

Now I'm doing some browsing, quite undirected, and telling myself to get going on something. Except it's also getting on to time to go walkabout with the Bros to feed Cows and Horses. Where did the day go? Oh. Right. Nights.

I used to love working Nights. Even the nights off, often I'd stay on the same shift cycle. Those times, I'd explore the world when everyone else slept; photograph places they never saw because... they slept. Then on day night, my body said to me, Fool, We Sleep At Night.

Yes. Indeed, life did change at that point. Now, while I can manage to get through a Night Shift (23:00 to 07:30, eh) without falling asleep, I pay the price at least the next 24 hours. I pick my chores and such knowing I will lack the mental energy to focus, to do anything particularly meaningful, at least to me.

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