March 20th, 2011


Odds & Ends

Snippets, things I'm working on, things I'm considering.

Cameras need a means to transport easily, or comparatively easily, which is often a camera bag. After all, there's kit to be included: lenses, film/memory cards, filters, batteries, &cetera, &cetera. I've several camera bags, acquired over time. Two are used for the SLR/DSLR equipment. One I classify as a ginormous (thank you, slave2tehtink for that word...) belt-pouch or bum-bag. It is big as a bum-bag, holds two camera bodies (one with lens attached), possibly three extra lenses or two plus a flash, light metre, film/cards, filters, batteries, pens, pencils, notebooks, cell phones, PDA's, compass, and has attachment points for add-on pouches to increase the capacity.

Heavy. So I acquired another, more 'traditional' designed camera bag for the SLR/DSLR equipment. Holds one camera body with lens attached, one extra lens and flash or two lenses, light metre, film/memory, batteries, a pen/pencil, a notebook (small). Much lighter.

I've also a backpack style, primarily designed for DSLR and a laptop. Can get very heavy, as it also will hold (externally) a medium sized tripod. It also sports attachment points for external pouches. I've contemplated re-configuring the interior for my medium format TLR bodies & lenses, plus film and such, and simply haven't quite yet.

Now I've got The Beast. Need a kit bag of some sort for that. Thought that backpack would do nicely, as the film holders could go into the laptop compartment. Hauled it out and set the folded for transport box onto the camera compartment...

To mis-quote Maxwell Smart: Missed (fitting)it by that much.

Thought, hmm, got several laptop brief-case style bags around here. Tried a couple. Same mis-quote.

So I measured The Beast in 'transport' mode. 12.4 cm x 36.2 cm x 31.75 cm (4 7/8" x 14 1/4" x 12 1/2"). So, obviously, this leads to another mis-quote: Gonna need a bigger bag.

I may, actually, use an ice-chest cooler style box, such as we use for camping (or the transport of carcasses to the butcher, though won't need one quite that big), particularly one of those on wheels. Not intending to keep the camera or film on ice (well, film, maybe, possibly), but the cooler would help keep it cool, relatively.

Received a notice from the F3C (Florida Camera Club Council) about some proposed legislation before the State Senate which would up the ante for trespassers on agricultural property who may also be photographing said agricultural property without the owner thereof consent. I'm quite sure the intent is to penalise various and somewhat less than scrupulous animal rights activist organisations which shall remain nameless but are also not high on my list of appreciated approaches to their ethical goals. Thing is, as it is written, tourists could be quite unwittingly in violation of the photography aspect, not to mention legitimate artist/photographers. I've communicated as much to my state senator.

Yesterday we set up photo display at Herself's booth at the Haile Plantation Farmer's Market. We've been contemplating this for a few months; the direct stimulus to do so this weekend is that Haile also hosted an Arts & Music Festival, displacing the Farmer's Market vendors around a corner so the Town Centre are could be used for the artist setup. Sales for the event comprised produce from our gardens rather than photographs, though we did get some nibbles on the artwork and distributed a few of our cards. We'll see, and we intend to continue display/sale of the artwork. All of the farmer's markets Herself sets up at allow sale of produce and crafts/artwork providing the crafts/artwork are the product of the booth vendor themselves, not re-sale items.

Today the goals are: do laundry. Exciting, eh? Catch up on office-related art/ranch business aspects. More excitement, eh? Though I do expect I will allow some sideline excursions into direct art-related things. Not many, though.