April 25th, 2011


Lest We Forget

It is just coming on dawn here on teh Ranch in North Central Baja Jorja, and according to one of my World Clocks also just coming on sunset in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. This provides a juxtaposition rather appropriate to the day for me. Here, ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Army Corps) Day is just beginning, there it wraps up.

I don't, generally, get into any of the 'meme' postings here or on other sites where I conduct 'social networking' related to remembering military service personnel, or the dichotomy between the politicians that send them to battle and those they send. It's real, don't get me wrong on that count. Simply, it is too personal for me. Most of those memories involve people I knew and worked with. Some involve family. Others involve Aussies and Kiwis though not specifically any of their military service members.

So I don't indiscriminately pass around those commentaries to 'make' people pause and remember that Freedom Is Not Free. I choose my times, some of which are truly International, some specific to my country, some to other countries yet all are interwoven because we are all part of This World, to Remember.

Lest We Forget.

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Thunder In the Mountains

OK, so we don't have mountains here in North Central Baja Jorja. We do have thunder, we've got some now, and Houdini is hiding under my chair. Big deal, you say. This chair is the kind on a stand with casters. He's gotten underneath that. Or as much as he can, anyway, which still means I can't move the chair about much.

Day off from Hospital today, sort of a trade for last Friday going in on 'last' day of Time Off. Also, because I went to see the urologist today. Good news, only one stone on that CT from 2 weeks ago, and one stone in the filters, so bye bye nao. Not much more to do, watch, see, we'll do a 24 hour urine and add a specific blood test to my annual battery. Otherwise, th'th'th'that's all, folks.

Not a lot other things today, bit of poking and prodding at some photography post-processing but nothing to report as results. Feed run, coming back from the clinic. Hardware Store run, picked up splice pieces for the trailer wiring harness for Herself's trailer. It hung down low enough when loaned out recently to abrade on the pavement. Needs repair. Also purchased wire to re-wire Harrison Ford 8N Tractor. Also purchased PVC tube & parts for making some umbrella reflector holders for Studio.

Tanked up Forrest NissanPickup on the Hardware Store run as well as the two petrol cans (plastic, still call them cans) for Ranch Petrol. On the way home Herself texted me and no I did not read it while driving. It came in as I turned off of the US highway onto the County highway, so I pulled off onto the shoulder. There'd been a hit-and-run of some sort back in Williston, close on to the Ace Hardware which is close to the Police Station, and apparently it happened by the Police Station. I missed all of it, though.

Right. Houdini is nudging the chair again, so TTFN, time to provide someone a thunder-safe lap or some such.

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