May 10th, 2011


Sandpit Dog

He arrived a couple months ago. We knew he arrived because he talked to us, but what he said, then, mostly was Stay Away From Me. Wouldn't come out of the brush if we walked back that way, and even moved further back into it. Yet he stayed pretty much in the specific area.

Pictures, eh firesmithsghost Collapse )

I'm not at all sure I want to meet the human he used to live with. It could be something as simple as he chewed off his lead, wandered away and got lost. Yah. Sure. Tucks his tail that tight, something happened to him at the hand of some human to teach him don't show your tail.

Not sure what we'll be doing long term. He isn't showing much desire to wander far from his spot back there. Too much livestock in the area though, ours, other folks. We may need to try re-homing him. That's in the future, though. First, we need to keep convincing him not all humans are unfriendly.

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