July 20th, 2011

Houdini & I

Sydney SubaruOutback

Checked with the body shop today and yes, the car is ready, so I headed off to town to pick him up. Oh... day off from Hospital, since I'm working on Saturday. Anyway, combined a couple errands, one being getting our car back.

It is good to be in ones own vehicle. The rental was nice, but not as comfortable.

Herself texted me shortly before reaching Archer, which I read when I hit the stop light, that since it was getting late and Squrrl getting bored they were heading out to feed. Yup, about right, time 18:30 or so. At that, I managed to pull onto the Ranch before they got out to the Horses, stopped and fed them while Houdini and Squrrl sort of ambled out... then picked up speed when they recongised Sydney.

So we all loaded up into the Subaru and made Riding Rounds to finish the day.

Now it's dinner time.