September 3rd, 2011


A Decade, Today - Retrospective

Mon, September 3, 2001 15:20:21

Yesterday afternoon we took a pleasant tour about the area with LR and her partner M, she being DJ’s sister. They took us over to Lyttleton Harbor, then to Governor’s Bay for lunch. Following that we drove back across the hills and arrived with plenty time to walk over to the Town Hall for registration.

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Today started the conference. Opening Session proved as exciting and marvelous as expected, flawed only by the overly talkative nature of the Italians sitting behind us in the balcony. We were greeted by flashing lights and thunder, then received a traditional challenge from a Maori warrior. Traditional in the sense that this would be done, and a peace token left in the path. If the token were to be picked up, then relationships continued cordially, other wise, not. Then we heard songs of greeting and welcome.

All of the different countries represented were named, and a representative from that country came forward carrying their flag. There were quite a few, I might add.

I’ve not solved the e-mail problem totally. I’ve been accessing it via the web and the log-on at AT&T; for some reason, here in New Zealand Eudora can’t find my mail, as it appeared to do back in the U.S. There’s two things yet to try, first adjusting the post office where Eudora should look for mail, the second being look for help on the AT&T site or e-mail the support people and ask them to set mail to forward to the alternate address. I’ve also started to configure Eudora to be able to check the new e-mail address. Should be interesting, next time I log on.

At least I am able to check mail, and B postponed the Periop list to me so that I shan’t be flooded with messages.

I’ve seen another person from the U.S. here that I know, S the poet from California. I’m beginning to think I might be able to ask her about places to see in L.A. next year. That’s where she lives.

Also started doing some networking; some Kiwi’s from Auckland who are looking to replace ORSOS, though they don’t think they’ve got the financial support now that I’ve quoted some estimates, what with my quotes being in US dollars. It’s easy enough to do the conversion, and a US$1,000,000.00 price tag converts to better than NZ$2,000,000.00 anyway you look at it.

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