September 4th, 2011


One Decade Ago, Today: a Retrospective

I don't actually have an entry from ten years ago in my journal, so that's why I've not made one. On the other hand:

I've finished uploading all the 120mm film which is scanned from the New Zealand trip, plus scans of maps, and organised them into the South Island New Zealand set.

Three loads of laundry done, folded, two put away (other is bed linens to be used), last load towels in dryer.

No work on photographs as such. Links to the photos mentioned above placed into the text file for posting.

I still need to work up 35mm photographs. Including (because it's such a great story) the Great Duckling Rescue.

Which may not be direct work on photography, yet still constitutes work. Sometimes it's just slogging away at things needing doing. That doesn't count the morning chores which for me involved primarily cleaning water jugs for the Dirty Yard Birds, and then clearing brush around one of the hog pens so as to facilitate draining their pen. Silly hogs keep piling dirt up around the perimeter, which turns their pen into a bathtub.

I'm in an interesting, introspective contemplative accomplished mood.

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