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A Decade, Today - Retrospective

Wed, September 12, 2001 08:20:05
Yesterday’s Occurrence, Today’s News

We’ve just learned on the morning news, in fact, a special news report, that the World Trade Center in New York, New York has been destroyed in terrorist attacks involving the hijacking of several commercial airliners. The Pentagon in Washington, D.C. is damaged. The death toll is very high.

God have mercy on their souls, and grant eternal rest upon them. God forgive those who wrought this event.

Wed, September 12, 2001 10:05:39

Our hosts, P and D M, kindly set up the television in the lounge so we could follow the current reports. (Think I forgot to mention, there are no televisions in the public areas nor in the guest rooms here. Their brochure states they feel their guests are on holiday and so they seek to avoid television. So bringing their TV down... is a big deal.) D received telephone calls from her two daughters, both abroad, and both in good health. One daughter called from London; she is due to return to New Zealand, and may be booked on NZ Flight 1 which is grounded in London. The other is in another Pacific Rim country.

All airports in the U.S. are closed now. I expect that traveling home may not be as easy as coming out was; security checks in the States will no doubt be more stringent for a while, until people become complacent again.

I hope that is a long time.

Wed, September 12, 2001 22:57:43
The day started off early, just before sunrise, and making photographs of that sunrise over Dunedin. The light was quite spectacular. Then, the radio alarm came on to wake us up, and wake us it did. That’s when we received the news of happenings back in the States.

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Listening to the news caused us to miss our early appointment at Olveston House, which is a very interesting turn of the century house. Lots of neat things here; also some interesting history as one family lived through it. No photographs, that pastime not being permitted. I presume this is in part to help further the Olveston Trust, which it succeeded in doing in our case. One may purchase picture post cards and a book about the house.

Then we walked through downtown Dunedin, looking for (surprise) a camera store with my film in it. We found some, then headed back up the hill (again) after lunch to get into the car and drive out Otago Peninsula to meet some penguins. Quite interesting to discover that the apparently clumsy penguin is actually quite nimble ashore. We paused a couple of times on the way back in for some night-time photos of Dunedin across the bay. Hmm, photography seems to be becoming a bit of a stuck record here, doesn’t it?

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Anyway, we’re now mostly packed and ready to depart Dunedin on the morrow (which will be when I actually send this, but then who’s counting).

I close this portion of the journal with a prayer for all those who perished in New York and Washington D.C.

Wed, September 12, 2001 23:11:54
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And I'm not sure, other than habit, why I've redacted the owner/proprietor's names to initials. Or I am sure. Castlewood closed as a B&B about six years ago, selling their license to another house and owners in the hills overlooking Octagon.

Things I didn't write down: In Octagon set into the pavement of the plaza are plaques commemorating medal-winning (or not) Olympic athletes from Dunedin.

There are a lot of Olveston House references on the web.
Main web site:
A Wikipedia entry:

Photography outdoors is permitted; I think I've just not scanned those negatives yet. Actually, there are a lot of photographs from NZ not scanned yet. More on that later. There are layers of UV resistant plexiglass inside the windows in Olveston House, which the guide explained is due to the high UV factors in NZ. This is related to being so far south, and the hole in the ozone layer.

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