October 10th, 2011

Weather - Wet


Sometimes you wake up and wonder what happened, what was it that woke you. Particularly if it's quiet still, you wonder, was there one big loud noise now nothing? Houdini woke me around 03:30-ish and I knew the weather would be getting interesting. Not long after he woke me the rain started, and at first that's all we got. Then the thunder kicked in.

Stayed there in bed for a bit, giving him calm strokes. He did fine with that until Herself woke up too, then he got up to go sit with her at the water closet. After that, according to Houdini, time to be up arrived. So we got up and Herself started the coffee. A true power Blip raised our eyebrows, but coffee got made without any interruption in electrical service, and the biggest problem proved to be heavy enough rain that the Sky TV received no signal. Instead of watching the Weather Channel, we watched previously recorded material... and checked the Weather Channel on our iPhones while we sat there. Oh Look, we'd say, and show each other the newest weather map update during a lightning flash.

It slowed down to steady rain by the time I needed to leave for my doctor's appointment this morning, follow up with a urologist to see if regular visits will keep Mr. Stone(s) away. Heading down the private road, the Horses stood in the drive by their feed barrels. They're not supposed to be there. They're supposed to be in their paddock, so something happened. They stood calmly as I drove by, and I stopped to close the gate behind me. Then I looked about and saw the spot of fence down, posts pushed over. Most likely, I though, Someone (Stormy) was reaching across the fence to graze grass on the other side. Someone might have been spooked by the weather, though. Texted Herself to let her know.

Drove slow along the road and scoped out that fence line, then pulled off the road by our east side to see what I could see along the east fence line. Didn't see anything else down. Answered the phone while sitting there, Herself Calling, getting some details about what I'd seen and what it looked like. Then continued on into town for appointment.

Got a bit of a shopping list sent to me later. Antibiotic spray and leg wraps for Stormy. Sage also received a couple small wounds, but Stormy obviously got her front legs a bit tangled in the fence wire, a couple of small evulsion injuries on one leg and some punctures on the other. Halters on, lead line on, and in turn they stood while I held them and Herself washed and dressed the wounds. They are her horses, don't you ever forget that now. But for some reason they stand and hold a bit better when I'm holding the line and talking to them...

Fence patched, needs more maintenance. And of course this happens when I'm on a stretch of weekend shifts, and prepping for an out of town event. The fence is patched. It should hold them in. It does need some maintenance. Then again, we put it in some (mumbly mumble) years ago. Bit of a story, that. Not for today.

Good news from the urologist. No stones, no indication of any stones, blood work indicates no changes so what we did do to change things six months back seems to be working. We'll keep doing that.

Also stopped on the way home to pick up the last pre-cut mats I need to finish matting for the Necronomicon show. Then bag and tag, and we'll be good to go.

Exciting, not so much.

Oh, and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, eh?

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Houdini & I

Sandy Sandpit Update

For those of you following the Sandy Sandpit Stray Saga...

The past week saw a major breakthrough.

A couple months ago, I replaced the plastic barrel cap he'd been using with an old kitchen pot from my bachelor days. At first (as with all change) he wasn't sure he liked that. After a few days, though, he started playing with it, and moving it about. So going out to feed him often became Find Sandy's Bowl game. Because, yanno, nearly all Dogs are Gamers. ::nods::

He'd been coming up to me when I went out to feed him, and up to Herself, though not as close, when she went out to feed him. Still No Touchee though.

Then a couple weeks ago, he started nuzzling my hand while I walked, and not backing off when I put the food in his bowl. By the end of the week, he accepted pets on the head. Start of last week, he would let me be squatting down next to the bowl and start to eat. So Herself came out with me the next day. Oh. Change. He hung back 20 feet or so. Next day though, just me going out, he forgave me and came right up, bouncy, playful, happy to receive petting on a dogs head.

Friday, he was outside the back door (been hanging out there often) and Herself went out to sit on the steps. She took some leftover french fries with her. He came closer. She tossed him a fry. He snuffled and ate it. She offered another. He came closer and snuffled, then took it from her hand. Third fry... he climbed the steps and sat next to her before she could offer.

He's stuck his head in the door and snuffled, not sure he wants to come inside though. However, from either of us now, he's quite happy to see us around and about, not only at mealtime either, and will accept strokes.

Now it's just see if we can convince the Bros that he's OK to stay, even if outdoors, out on the back side.

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