January 1st, 2012


Happy New Year, Gregorian

And now for another exciting year of blogging!

Skimming through posts on the reading list today, seeing a goodly number of 'wrap-up' theme posts. I've my own thoughts about that; quick summation is any date designated as a New Year is associated with review of the past and planning for the future.

Philosophical, what? Wait, there's more. I remember writing a note yesterday about how arbitrary it is to use January 1 as New Year, and that it comes off the Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar before that, out of Rome. Ancient Rome, that is, and yes also out of Vatican Rome. Different places, different cultures, different New Year Day designations. Yet they all will involve review of the past, planning for the future, and cleaning up.

Well. Collapse )

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After that, things got quiet, and we slept until some when around 05:00 when again a Houdini nose shoved into my armpit and a Squrrl tail thumped the floor like a rock drummer with the pretty obvious message: Boss! Get up! Gotta Go!

So out the door we went, where intracystic hydrostatic pressures were relieved in misty foggy early morning duskiness, then back into the house where the first pot of coffee of 2012 got brewed in the new coffee maker.

So where's the wrap up?

- I set a goal last year to do three weekend art show/fair type displays. Met that goal with the short-term addition of the Downtown Winter Gift Fair.
- We reviewed our feed expenses as the Ranch, and found an alternative source for our livestock feed; some prices less, a few more, and the feed is delivered included in teh cost. Overall savings, petrol, vehicle wear, and on the feed bill.
- Got through another year at Hospital
- Starting to get used to another web browser. Safari is different. Not bad. Different.
- Four really good photo sessions in 2011 led to completing one theme (Four Seasons in One Fae, though to be honest, more work to come out of that), showing a piece which received an award, and enough inventory to start setting up at weekend art fairs.
- Completed my part (getting work into the mail) to start meeting a goal for 2012, to do eight weekend art fair/show type displays. NOTE: I do not intend to count the weekly setup at Town of Tioga Farmers/Craft Market in this. Must be separate weekend shows.)

I'm absolutely positive there's more. That will suffice.

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New Years Bath

For the dogs. Water sports, including lather, and sports, and rinse, followed by more sports. Then rolling in the sand.

Yeah. In the sand. So they are a pair of outside dogs today.

More Things Done

Laundry started and in progress. Replacement legs for the Buckling Pavilion cut down at S's shop, included visiting with K as well. Ready to go out and see to moving the pavilion and spreading the new tarp.

Pavilions Moved

Both the buckling pavilion, which now stands noticeably taller, and the doeling pavilion. Buckling pavilion has combo panels attached to both long sides, provides a good deal of rigidity. Doeling pen has a hog panel on the north side (we re-oriented it long axis east-west) and the tarp is secured to that for a wind break. Bucklings still need windbreak shelter.

I suppose not bad for a New Years Day, since the legs for the bucking pavilion needed to be cut, and started the laundry as well, Herself continued it. So first load of colours is in the dryer, load of whites in the washer and will get a good overnight soak. What else?

Lentil soup & greens for dinner tonight. Then a hot, hot soaker bath for me.

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