January 22nd, 2012



Up early though not as early as Goes Away Days.

Loaded Forrest Nissan Pickup for Haile Town Centre Farmers Market. Helped Herself set up, then back to the Ranch for Morning Rounds. Picked up bedding hay on the way back as rather a good number of does are due to kid. Parked to unload hay, walked to House to get kid milk for Manuelito (that we are bottle feeding) and the Bros, back to the Goat Paddock where one of those does in process of kidding.

Triplets. Third set this round, which the rounds always start a bit slow. Manuelito is from the first, his two siblings didn't survive. Second set last week, doing well. Third set (yesterday) starting well.

Done with all the Rounds (Horses, Goats, Hogs, Birds fed), into Forrest and back to pick up Herself. Then home. Unload. Lunch. And a (more or less) relaxed afternoon of doing laundry while also working on some odds & ends, including Web projects and rating a lot of recorded music (Bob Dylan this round, as there is a lot of Dylan in my library). Not a lot to show for it, but hey, it's good. Evening Rounds before sundown, and then dinner, followed by a hot soak.

Today, do it again.

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