January 23rd, 2012

harrison ford

Garden Day

Up, out, more or less on usual schedule (i.e. around 10:00) to feed, then rolled hay to adult does (still need to hay doelings). Then into the garden to get things done there. Ran the tiller a bit. Decided I am not fond of the light tiller Herself purchased some years ago. It works, however we both agree it is better at cultivating ground that is already sod-broke than at doing sod-breaking. For that, we need a heavier tiller. She's talked about purchasing one, and we may. However, if we do I will hold to a particular plan, which is to purchase one used, probably from the local Ace Hardware when they are done depreciating it for their taxes and ready to purchase a new one again. Unless that happens, I shall continue to rent, I think, from that same Ace Hardware.

After the bit of sod-busting, we piled the cleared brush a bit better, in three spots, and burned it under controlled circumstances. Observed, water ready to hose it down, low breeze conditions and while a bit dry now, the ground and other cover still wet after last week's day of rain. There is still more brush to be burned, that is left-overs from the Electric Co-op triming branches on the trees next to our power line (which they never came back to clean up, ahem). That for next weekend, because it will involve hauling it from the sideline into the garden, and that will involve some rake work.

Laundry moved to house (last load of drying), still needs to be put away.

A sore night last evening. Still and all, slept fairly well and feel better today. Today will include some hay movement and an errand, then getting ready for Town of Tioga Farmers/Craft Market.

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